If you can’t stop thinking about it…

Before I actually became a Beachbody coach, I thought about it….all the time.  Once I successfully completed a couple of the programs and had friends asking me what I did to lose the weight, the idea first popped in my head.  It took almost a year for me to actually take the leap.  A year.  There were so many times I went to the coach sign up page, got all the way to the end, and then chickened out right before I hit submit.  Why?  I was afraid.  Afraid of failing, afraid of what people would think, afraid I wasn’t good enough.  I’m not sure what changed a year later.  Maybe the fact that I couldn’t stop thinking about it, or maybe I became less afraid.  But once I finally did it…..finally committed, I knew my fears didn’t matter.  It worked out actually because I did some research and decided what team I wanted to be a part of, instead of just randomly signing up on my own.  I am now a part of the most successful team in all of Beachbody, which gives me access to so many wonderful resources.  There’s no way I could have done this on my own.

The moral of this little short story is….if there is something in your life that you can’t top thinking of, go after it.  There’s a reason this thought or this idea is lingering…..maybe it’s leading you in the direction you need to be headed.

If you can't stop