About Me:

I am a 30-something mother to 2 beautiful little girls and wife to one handsome man.  Originally from upstate NY, I have lived in Long Island, Manhattan, Jacksonville, NC and now Fort Mill, SC…where we plan to stay.  I love interior design, fashion, fitness, crafting, clean eating, spending time with my family, wine and laughing.  I am fortunate to be able to stay home with my girls, while also building a business from my kitchen table.  My friends and family are infinitely important to me and I enjoy nothing more than spending time with them.

My Fitness Journey:

After having my first child, I held on to an extra 15-20lbs of baby weight for well over a year.  In January 2014 I had continually heard about a workout program called T25.  It peaked my curiosity and finally after pondering it for a while, I bit the bullet and ordered it.  I was ready to make a change.  I was ready to stop feeling uncomfortable in my skin.  I committed to changing my diet and eating clean and I committed to T25.  Within a week  of clean eating, I had lost 5 pounds.  Once T25 arrived, I ripped it open and never looked back.  After I completed the program I moved on to the 21 Day fix.  Overall I lost the extra 20 lbs, was toning up and felt great!  I was a true believer in Beachbody products.  Finally in Feb 2015 I took the leap into becoming a Beachbody coach.  The products worked for me and I wanted to share that with other women.  The day after I signed up, I found out I was pregnant with baby girl #2.  While I was still committed to working out and eating clean, the ups and downs a pregnancy got me a little side tracked.  Almost a year later and I am giving 100% to my Beachbody business and to myself.  It’s hard for a lot of moms to take the time out for themselves….but it is so important that you do!  Even just a half hour to work on yourself can greatly improve your mindset, in turn making you a better mother!  If you need help getting started, please reach out to me – I would love to help!

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