From the Girl Who Hated Yoga…

I’m just about 1/2 way through the 3 Week Yoga Retreat on Beachbody onDemand.  Now, let me start by saying…..I was a Yoga basher.  Didn’t get it.  Couldn’t understand why people were so passionate about it.  SO, that being said, I thought it would be appropriate for me to do a quick review 1/2 way through and then again at the end of the program….you know, for those other yoga haters out there.


Here’s a little background.  The most recent programs I’ve done are 21 Day Fix Extreme Insanity Max30 and Shift Shop.  I’m a girl who believed I had to be lifting weights, completely sweating from cardio, or BOTH to really challenge myself.  Yoga just seemed too slow paced and, if I’m being honest, too painful.  I’m flexibly challenged, to say the least.  Also, the whole “breathing” thing?  Didn’t get it. When I need a breath, I take it…how it usually works…right?

Fast forward to about a week and a half ago.  I needed something different.  I’ve been doing the same types of programs for a while now and I just felt like my body needed a switch.  Lately, I’ve been into this whole “if it scares you, do it” way of thinking….I blame the personal development books I’ve been reading.  So, I dug deep and thought about what program scares me.  Yoga.  And it didn’t scare me because I thought it would be too challenging…it scared me because like I said, I didn’t understand it.  Way out of my comfort zone.  Give me burpies, squats and shoulder presses…got it!  Downward dog and goddess and tree pose?  What the what!?  So, I decided to challenge myself and I committed to the 3 Week Yoga Reatret.


My Best Beginner Tree Pose

The first week is sort of an intro; sort of helps you ease your way into it. Perfect.  Just what I needed.  Seemed simple enough.  Bending and stretching.  I can do this!  I made it through week 1 feeling pretty good.  I wasn’t really sore, but I felt pretty good physically and mentally (the mentally part I’ll get to later).  I started wondering if I was wasting my time though, since my muscles weren’t sore.  I mean….I want to get some toning going.  Did I choose the wrong program?  BUT, I committed and I was going to finish this damn thing.  So, week 2 creeps around.  Today is Day 4 of week 2.  Ya’ll. I am sore.  My legs hurt.  My abs hurt.  But not in the usual spots.  Not the usual muscles.  Which can only mean one thing…..I’m working muscles that have been neglected for a while!  And if I am being totally honest, I am FREAKING LOVING this whole yoga thing.  Like, for real.  I feel myself getting stronger, more flexible and my mind seems clearer….which leads me to the mental part…..

I’m a big believer in using working out as a mood enhancer, a destresser, and a sanity saver.  But this whole yoga thing is on another level.  When I’m lifting weights, or busting my ass doing cardio moves….I’m not really focusing on ME….on how I feel…..on releasing negatives.  With yoga, I’m forced to be still, to connect to my body and to my mind and to really just let go of the stress and the negativity, consciously.  I feel more relaxed and happier than I have in a while.  Coincidence?  Could be, but it would be a really big one.  I have to think it has to do with the yoga.  The spiritual part of it. just as mush as the physical.  My mind feels just as good as my body does.

So, what I’m trying to say?  I get it now.  I completely, wholeheartedly get why so many people are so committed to the practice of Yoga.  It truly is a full body workout….inside and out.  I look forward to each days workout.  I really do. I look forward to how I feel afterwards.  I look forward to seeing how deep into the moves I can get that day.   I’m not saying I’m going to cover my car with Om or Namaste bumper stickers (you know you’ve seen those people)…but I will say, I’m excited to see what else I can do to really explore this Yoga thing, because I’m definitely digging it.


Downward Dog (this is NOT how I look doing it….but I’ll get there)

If you want to try something new, be it yoga or something totally different…..Beachbody onDemand has it all!  And the best part?  Its way cheaper than any gym membership!  If you want to check it out, shoot me a message at and I’ll get you hooked up!!





What is a Challenge Group?

I talk about them all the time.  I LOVE them.  I assume everyone knows exactly what they are.  But if you had asked me a few years ago what a challenge group was,  would have had no freaking clue.  So, first I’ll tell you what….and then I’ll tell you why.


A challenge group is an online accountability group.  Its run either through a closed FB group, or through the Challenge Tracker app.  It’s a group of people, who are all working towards some goal or another, who have committed to a Beachbody program and replacing one meal a day with our superfoods shake for the duration of the group (usually 30ish days).  In the group, everyone encourages each other, there are daily motivational posts, recipes, accountability and we learn about clean eating and making your health a priority. So, now that you know what it is…let’s get to the good stuff.  The WHY.

How may times have you started a program, or a gym routine….only to last a couple weeks and then you fall off?  Maybe it’s because you lose interest, you’re not sure what to do next, you feel alone, you can’t find the motivation or you don’t have anything or anyone holding you accountable.  THIS my friends is where the Challenge Group comes in to say the day.  I have been running these groups for about 2 years now and let me tell you….they are amazing!  Amazing for support, amazing for accountability, amazing for motivation.  Just all around amazing.  You and these group of people, some you may know, and some you don’t…you sort of become a little family.  Having a bad day?  Everyone is there to pic you back up.  Can’t find the motivation?  Everyone is there to cheer you on and motivate you.  Don’t know how to meal plan?  We all share ours to help you get started.  Can’t figure out what to make for dinner?  Recipes are shared all the time and they are usually clean, easy and delicious.  Have a small or large victory?  Everyone is there to celebrate with you…and that we do!  It’s such an amazing feeling to have this place where you can go, where you know you’re not going to be judged, and you can get support, no matter what phase of your journey you are on.  There is no stupid question.  There is no small accomplishment. Someone is always there to give you an answer or a pat on the back!  There’s no jealousy, no competition (ok, maybe a little fun competition) and no judgement.  It’s like having a group full of your best friends, who you might not have ever actually met, to go to for support.

And guys?  The feedback we’ve gotten from our last few groups have been AMAZING!  Lives are being changed every single day.  People are realizing what they are capable of.  They’re feeling HAPPY and feeling good about themselves again.  It’s a fun way to get healthy and work towards you goals. And you’re 10x more likely to stick with a program and succeed when you join a challenge group.  Maybe that’s what you’ve been missing?

My next group is kicking off on March 6th.  If its something you’d like more information on, or if you want to talk about joining, fill out this form and I will get in touch with you!  Summer is right around the corner…let’s get ready together!